Certified Professional Coach- Ask the Expert with Courtney Parks

    Why is business and career coaching an important aspect of becoming a FWW?

    Coaching is designed to help women do two things: understand what’s keeping them from creating the success they desire and develop specific strategies for business or career growth. Both aspects (feeling and doing things differently) can help women to be more confident and “wise” financially.

    What are some common roadblocks to professional success for women?

    We have a tendency to undersell ourselves – we feel that we can’t charge and/or get what we’re worth, especially when we really love what we do. Women also spending too much time and energy on things that they’re not good at, they don’t enjoy and that don’t help them to bring in money.

    What tip can you give women regarding income generation?

    Put money making at the top of your list: create your schedule so that activities that bring in income get tended to first – at the beginning of the day or at the beginning of the week (every day and every week). When the big stuff’s complete, then you can move to the details.

    You can get more information about Courtney at  www.courtneyparks.com (and get a free audio gift too!)

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