Ask the Expert Video Series starts in 7 days!

    I am very excited about the launch of my NEW video series titled,

    Ask the Expert!

    The Ask the Expert series will help in my mission to create a community for women that supports our unique challenges when planning for the future and allows for the education and support we need on their journeys toward financial success.

    Every Wednesday, I will interview different women business owners and professionals about their expertise as a way to help bring more knowledge to the Financially Wise Women community.  Here is a preview of some of the experts who will be highlighted in the Ask the Expert Video Series:

    Sona A. Tatiyants, Attorney at Law, LL.M

    Courtney Parks, Certified Professional Coach

    Erika Mlachak, Designated Real Estate Broker/Owner

    Jaclyn Mullen, Owner of Jaclyn Mullen Media

    Lisa Pierson Weinberger, Attorney at Law

    Vanessa Nellis, Attorney at Law

    Check back every Wednesday for an Ask the Expert video and if you like what you see please tell your women friends about the Financially Wise Women community!

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