Financial Infidelity

    Sticking with the Love theme this month, I thought I would ask you a question?

    Have you ever cheated on your partner?  You know, with money?  I’m talking about financial infidelity.  It happens to the best of us.  I’ve been guilty of it in the past.

    • Maybe you snuck a latte in this morning even though you said you wouldn’t in order to save more money
    • Maybe you told your boyfriend you bought the shoes on sale, when really you paid full price.
    • Or maybe you’re waiting to tell your fiancé you have a $12,000 credit card bill hanging over your head.

    Financial issues can make or break a relationship and yet so many couples still do not talk about money.  Financial infidelity can be so stressful because a little white lie today can become a huge problem in your relationship tomorrow.
    Britt Castro, CFP® and Founder of Financially Wise Women
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