FITE – Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship

    My good friend and fellow woman business owner Marty Stevens-Heebner recently launched her own Rebagz FITE campaign.  Before I talk about FITE, let me just say how cool Marty is.  Her company Rebagz offers well-designed bags of the highest quality that are kind to people, animals and the planet as a whole.  Not only are the bags eco friendly, they are super cute!  Check them out here. 

    Now on to FITE.  joinFITE is an active philanthropy platform, powered by and championed by Dermalogica, that connects you to women entrepreneurs who need a hand up. By providing women access to small loans, they are able to start or grow a business, bettering themselves, their families, and their communities. joinFITE is a fun and easy way for you to help another when you activate a donation from our partners.  If you have not done so already, I ecnourage you to check out FITE today.

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