How To Bring Your Inner Artist Into Your Work

    When was the last time you created art? I used to think that being an artist and a professional were two different things–that if I was a professional, then my art (dancing, painting, creating) would have to be a hobby. But what I’ve found over the past few years is that the more I bring my inner artist into my work–that is, the part of me that finds new, creative ways to work with people and share my expertise–the more successful and fulfilled I am.

    On today’s Ask The Expert, I bring on my good friend and fellow female entrepreneur Jaclyn Mullen to discuss how you too can share more of your inner artist with the world. Think you don’t have one? Then you definitely must watch this video, as Jaclyn highlights the fact that we all have an inner artist–we just have to discover how that inner artist likes to express herself, then find ways to bring that expression into our everyday lives. This is a very powerful interview, and Jaclyn even shares a special surprise at the end of the video, so make sure you watch it all the way through!

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    • Shereen says:

      I loved the singing and the dance break at the end!! you guys are amazing!

    • Erin Chumas says:

      This was so helpful and inspiring, you beautifully wise women! I love the tips Jaclyn! And you hit the nail on the head about how you can bring the rules of the game into your business game. I would never be able to leave my performing arts background behind me, and fortunately, I was able to blend my love of being an artist with my business in a way that feeds all sides of me. Thanks for putting this out there Brittney! It’s a really great topic!

    • Knowing your YES and your NO is so important – it comes down to what LIGHTS you up!

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