Self-care tips with Dr. Francine Lederer

    Tell me about your business and how you help women?

    Much of my practice focuses on helping women find their work-life balance. So many of my clients are mothers, or mothers-to-be, caregivers, or married and juggling personal and professional lives. Therapy is a place of (I call this my 4 S’s): Self-exploration, Self-improvement, Support and Self-Care. These are at the core roots of what my clients want to attain, but are challenged by the various circumstances in their lives. My practice is about helping women find their voices; tuning out the external noise and the expectations placed on them by others, and truly getting connected to the internal voice.

    What tips can you give women who may need therapy?
    Women in general tend to be caregivers and do-ers. They want to please others and will often times prioritize others before themselves. I think my tip is to put “trust in yourself.” Trust your intuition. Also, never commit on the spot to a task or request of you. Take the time to digest the information and what it might mean for you and your time to accomplish that.

    What does being a Financially Wise Women mean to you?
    Knowing who you are, but also knowing who you aren’t.  It’s about accepting yourself just the way you are. I always tell women to “Be Curious.” Be curious about your finances and what transactions are taking place in and out of the home. It’s okay to ask questions that may seem intimidating or embarrassing. Talk to your spouse or partner about your financial goals and also your financial barriers.

    Dr. Francine Lederer, Clinical Psychologist,,

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