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    Estate Planning for Nontraditional Couples

    Willow McJilton assists clients in developing and implementing an estate plan to guard against a lack of financial security, unnecessary taxes, expensive Court and legal costs, and/or family conflicts in the event of death, incapacity and/or a transfer of wealth within a family.

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    Estate Planning with Vanessa Terzian

    Estate planning is much more than having a will and trust in place. Of course, that is part of it, but effective estate planning puts you in control over your finances while you are alive and ensures that your family will avoid the costs, delays and frustrations that come with managing your estate after you pass away or if you become disabled. Being financially wise isn’t only about building wealth while you are alive. What people fail to realize is that estate planning is a method of asset preservation, a way to hold on to your hard earned money and life savings. It’s a way to protect your legacy and to provide for generations to come.

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