Write Your Debt a Love Letter

I know, I know—the idea of writing your debt a letter sounds a little woo woo. But as we continue our series on debt reduction hacks, that’s exactly what I…

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Get Creative With Those Gifts

The year’s almost over, and as I reflect on the holiday season, I’m reminded of the true meaning of the season—spending time with our friends and family. It’s easy to…

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Create a Budget—and Stick to It!

I’m back with another holiday finance hack for you—and this one’s really important, so listen up! Here it is: Create a budget for the holiday season. During this time of…

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Holiday Hack: Host a Potluck!

In today’s Financially Wise Living episode, we’re continuing our holiday hack series, and I’ve got a great one for you: host a potluck! Instead of having your next holiday celebration…

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