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    Money Talks with your Partner-Team Huddles

    Money effects every decision we make from the kind of coffee we drink to the cars we buy.
    Yet so many couples still do not talk about money with each other. Often times, couples do not talk about money because when they do it always ends with a fight or even more stress than before. However, making sure you understand your partner’s approach to money and understanding your differences will pave the way to a better connection, clearer communication and more love!!

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    Work-Life Balance Tips for Women-Ask The Expert with Julie Lacouture

    If we could all work 24/7 we could all be millionaires, but the fact is that we all have more responsibilities in life than our jobs. We’re parents, partners, and people! Being able to ramp up and down in your career is an important aspect of maintaining your career and ensuring that you can build income throughout your lifetime.

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    Do You Love Your Money?

    Do you LOVE your money? No, I am not taking about being obsessed with money in itself, but what I am referring to is the relationship you have with money. Is it positive or negative? Do you love money or do you hate it?

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