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    Exposing a New Layer of Myself…

    “Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”~Jean Paul Sartr
    We all have stories of how much our lives change over the months and years and man, there has definitely been a lot of change in my personal life over the past few months. As such, I have allowed myself time to interpret and understand what life has handed me and how I will chose to respond to it all. With this extra space in my life, I have spent a lot of time contemplating the universal questions we all seek answers to in life.

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    Ready to Hire your First Nanny? Here’s how…

    Rebecca Stewart helps moms find the best nanny for their children. She helps new mom going back to work, stay at home mom’s who have an actively lifestyle and need an extra hand, and celebrity mom’s who have demanding career and lifestyle. She not only finds them the best nanny, she also walks them through the process of how to hire the best nanny for their family.

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    Love & Money Webinar

    So, you’ve found the love of your life. And now, everything from making dinner to taking vacations seems more fun. But what about your joint finances? Money is a main source of stress in many relationships, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Combining finances with your significant other can be—and should be—just as fun as sharing a bottle of wine.

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    Investing Basics- The Rule of 72

    Do some financial strategies just seem like a complete mystery to you? Do you feel like if someone just explained it in layman’s terms you would be able to understand the foreign language of finances better? Well, good news, I am going to crack one of the financial mysteries to help you when it comes to investing for your future financial goals. This is the rule of 72.*

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