Love and money

    What Do We Really Want From our Men?

    Today’s post comes from Danielle Dowling, M.A., relationship expert, writer + coach. Danielle does amazing work and knows what she is talking about!  You can find her at where…

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    Love & Money Webinar

    So, you’ve found the love of your life. And now, everything from making dinner to taking vacations seems more fun. But what about your joint finances? Money is a main source of stress in many relationships, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Combining finances with your significant other can be—and should be—just as fun as sharing a bottle of wine.

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    Love & Money

    If you are in a relationship I think you should create a financial mission statement together. A financial mission statement is a powerful tool for creating unity of purpose and focusing the attention of a couple. It provides a “guiding star” for decisions and reflects the couples values and concerns.

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    Money Talks with your Partner-Team Huddles

    Money effects every decision we make from the kind of coffee we drink to the cars we buy.
    Yet so many couples still do not talk about money with each other. Often times, couples do not talk about money because when they do it always ends with a fight or even more stress than before. However, making sure you understand your partner’s approach to money and understanding your differences will pave the way to a better connection, clearer communication and more love!!

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