Tax Refund? 3 Ways to Allocate It

    Waiting on pins and needles to collect your tax refund check from the IRS? Have running list of things you cannot wait to buy once you get your money?
    Not so fast! Tempting as it may be to use a tax refund for a shopping spree or weekend getaway, the smart move would be to save some, invest some and then use the rest on something fun.

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    Tax Deadline 2012

    Still scrambling to get your tax appointment in for the year? Well, the good news is that this year you have a few extra days to file. Taxpayers will have until Tuesday, April 17, 2012 to file their 2011 Federal income tax returns and California State Income Tax returns* and pay any tax due.

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    CPA- Ask The Expert with Natalie Asghari

    Regardless of the economic situation we all need to file our tax returns and report our earnings to the Governmental agencies annually. The rules are the same regardless of your gender. It is important to be involved and understand the tax return that is being signed by both spouses because both parties are equally responsible for truthfulness, completeness and accuracy of the tax returns. There are number of tax saving techniques that can be utilized if planned timely and correctly. It is important to have a professional, reliable, trustworthy, and caring CPA who will help you to be on the right track. Of course, together with a great team of Financial Planner, Attorney, Investment Advisor and CPA you can be in much better position.

    We do not expect everyone to become experts and understand all the complex financial transactions, but just to be involved and ask questions if something is not clear on the tax returns, financial reports and documents.

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