When Will You Learn How to Invest Your Money?


    No excuses.

    You want money, you have to work.

    But don’t be afraid–the work really isn’t that bad.

    And money and learning how to manage it and invest it for your financial future can actually be really fun!

    That is why I am stoked to teach more live workshops at General Assembly over these next few months.

    I will be teaching in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. in April and May, so bring a friend and come on out to get the education you need to reach your financial goals this year.

    We always have a blast at these events and every student walks away feeling so educated and empowered about his or her money.

    I cannot wait to make you feel the same.

    Make sure to register today, as these events sell out fast!

    April 2     Santa Monica, CA              How to Manage Your Money                    http://bit.ly/1BfwokA

    April 9     Santa Monica, CA              Make Money: Personal Investing 101    http://bit.ly/1NqHfhQ

    May 14    Downtown L.A., CA           How to Manage Your Money                   http://bit.ly/1NqHjOI

    May 21    Downtown L.A., CA           Make Money: Personal Investing 101    http://bit.ly/1CI51mg

    May 28    Washington, D.C.              Make Money: Personal Investing 101     http://bit.ly/1Eu5Ey7

    P.S. Ready to talk more about your financial goals and how I can help? Then make sure to schedule your Discovery Phone Session today! http://www.financiallywisewomen.com/work-with-me/#planning

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